New Westminster Mouse Removal

For property owners, having mice in your property is a nightmare. These pests might be small in stature but in large numbers, they can do as much damage as a wrecking ball. Mice have insatiable appetites, breed quickly and tend to sharpen their teeth on anything and everything. If mice are getting the best of you, call in our Toodaloo technicians for backup! A proper New Westminster mouse removal can have your property clear of paws, tails and whiskers.

What To Expect From Mice

Much like other rodents, mice are highly focused on their own survival. This trait is not unique to smaller animals, but mice happen to be some of the best survivalists around! Mice will squeeze into any place that offers them resources. Homes in the New West area offer consistent water sources, access to food, as well as a roof over their heads and plenty of space to hide out in. Mice waste no time chewing into food packaging around our space. These little rodents are unsanitary, and don’t exactly have great table manners. Where there are mice, there is saliva, urine and droppings left behind – all of which can lead to intestinal and respiratory illness. Don’t let mice take over your home or commercial property! Call

New Westminster Mouse Removal: Treating Your Infestation

Putting down basic mouse treatment methods, such as traps or poison might work to a degree – but it is a small one! Snap traps leave messes (and even bodies behind!) and poison is – well, just that! Having poisons sitting around your home can be a hazard to your pets or family members. In addition to being a sitting threat, poison can mean big problems, as mice tend to run off and die behind walls. Instead of taking a chance with at home solutions to your rodent problem, call Toodaloo for your New Westminster mouse removal.

Don’t spend another minute living with mice when you don’t have to! Call Toodaloo today for your New Westminster mouse control and removal.

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