New Westminster Wasp Removal

Insects are usually classified into the helpful or harmful but wasps have their wings in both camps. These insects help keep a cap on pest populations while aiding in pollination practices. As great as these features might sound – wasps are scary! Wasps are known to be aggressive, sneaky and painful. Trying to tackle wasp populations or nests can be dangerous, so leave it to the pros! Our Toodaloo technicians are able to banish your pests safely and effectively with our New Westminster wasp removal.

Worrying About Wasps

Catching the odd wasps here or there might send you running, but a nest will have you hiding out! Bees and wasps are some of the most common allergens out there. Wasps allergies can range from swelling and redness, to anaphylactic shock and in severe cases, death. That is a lot to handle for anyone on a daily basis, never mind having a nest on your property! When these pests set up camp near your home or business, you are not just responsible for keeping yourself safe, but your visitors or customers as well. That is a lot of responsibility!

New Westminster Wasp Removal: Proper Techniques

When it comes to dealing with a pest as dangerous as a wasp, safety should always come first. Attempting to treat a wasp infestation or removing a nest without the proper techniques can result in a swarm of angry insects. When dealing with a nest, there are certain precautions that need to be taken before treatment even begins. Wasps are very sensitive to threatening environments. Even just approaching a nest can aggravate wasps into action. Avoid stings and screams by calling in a Toodaloo technician for your New Westminster wasp control. By drawing wasps away, technicians are able to break up congregations of wasps in order to remove the nest safely.

Call today for a safe and effective New Westminster wasp removal.

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