New Westminster Silverfish Removal

Insects slither into your property without notice but silverfish don’t exactly fly under the radar. Despite their small size, silverfish are some of the most destructive pests that you can find inside. Instead of letting these pests eat away at your home or business, let our Toodaloo technicians get rid of them for you. Our New Westminster silverfish removal and removal gets those slithering pests our of cracks, corners and everything in between.

What You Should Know About Silverfish

Silverfish thrive in high humidity environments, making New Westminster a perfect place for them. Any area with a humidity of over 70% is at risk of silverfish infestations. You can try to keep humidity down indoors, but you just can’t fight environmental factors. Once silverfish have made their way indoors, they begin to lay eggs in hard to reach places. Baseboards, openings in flooring, dark closets and cupboards are all prime real estate for silverfish to grow their numbers. Larger numbers of silverfish means more damage throughout your property. These pests make meals out of clothing, books, fabric, adhesives and everything in-between.

New Westminster Silverfish Removal & Removal

Silverfish are some of the most persistent pests that you will find sneaking around your property. These silverfish can come from seemingly nowhere but they are known travellers. In multi-unit properties, such as apartments or condos, getting rid of silverfish can be a real problem. These pests are known to travel up to 9 meters in search of food. Just because you’ve seen silverfish around your kitchen or bathroom does not mean that that is where they spend all of their time. In addition to treating visible silverfish populations, our Toodaloo technicians vacuum and treat affected areas for unseen pests as well. Our New Westminster silverfish control might get rid of the pests you already have, but aftercare is a part of our services as well.

Your unwanted pests don’t stand a chance against our Toodaloo technicians. When you need expert service and results for your New Westminster silverfish removal.

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