New Westminster Pigeon Removal

When you are dealing with a pest problem, pigeons are not usually the first culprits that comes to mind. Pigeons might not be the spokes-animals for pests but they are some of the most annoying and destructive!. Pigeons are loud, invasive, destructive and always outstay their welcome. When these birds begin flapping their wings around your home or business, call Toodaloo for your New Westminster pigeon removal.

Pigeon Problems

The New Westminster Quay is a hot spot for visitors and residents alike. As great as this area is for people, it is even better for pigeons! These pests haunt the areas around the water, collecting scraps of food and roosting wherever they are able. Having pigeons making a home nearby, affects not only the visual aspects of your property, but its audio and cleanliness as well. Pigeons do not worry about your sleeping patterns and will often coo from the early morning through the night. Where there are pigeons, there are droppings. All bird droppings are unpleasant to look at, but leaving pigeon droppings around your property can cause actual damage as well. Pigeon droppings are highly acidic and can wear away at construction materials and paint. If pigeons are huddling around your home or business, let our Toodaloo technicians kick them out in a humane way.

New Westminster Pigeon Removal: Humane Treatment Methods

Dealing with pigeons can be complicated. Setting boundaries with pigeons is an impossible task. You cannot simply ask a pigeon to stay off of your balcony, patio or out of your attic and expect them to listen. When you are ready to ditch pigeons but don’t want to cause them any harm, let our Toodaloo technicians give you some treatment options! Bird-B-Gone spikes, audio deterrents and even electrical charges keep pigeons away without harming them.

Call today to book an appointment for peace and quiet! Our New Westminster pigeon removal can stop that cooing and deter those droppings!

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