New Westminster Carpenter Ant Removal

Ants might be tiny, but big problems come in small packages! Don’t doubt the repercussions of ant infestations based on their size alone. Carpenter ants occupy yards and areas surrounding your home or business but it does not take them long to begin marching inside. When ants cross the threshold into your home, call Toodaloo for your New Westminster carpenter ant removal.

What Do Carpenter Ants Do?

More often than not, infestations begin outdoors. These pests will build their numbers outdoors before making the jump into the cozy confines of your home. Parent colonies begin outside, usually in highly wooded areas. This could mean anything from a lush tree line to a pile of firewood. Carpenter ants do not actually eat the wood that they gnaw through but build colonies throughout. When the outdoor parents colonies become too large to sustain ant numbers, winged workers take off in search of a new place to call home. Once ants find an opportune spot, they shed their wings and begin to burrow in. Once inside, ants travel around your property, finding food and leaving signals for other ants to follow.

Your New Westminster Carpenter Ant Removal

In days past, tackling an ant infestation would lead to destructive treatment methods. Once ants decide that your home or business is a good place to set up shop, they burrow in deep! In order to track down and remove these pests, former practices meant drilling into walls to find satellite colonies. By creating their nests behind walls or under flooring, ants can preserve their numbers. It is these sneaky measures that make carpenter ants such a worthy opponent for pest removal specialists. Carpenter ants might be hard to spot, but our technicians have all the right tools to track them down. We might not have x-ray vision, but by using thermal imaging tools, you might just think that we are!

If ants have been making unusual appearances around your home or commercial property, trust our Toodaloo technicians to get rid of them.

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