Vancouver Pavement Ant Removal

Unlike other types of ants, the pavement ant is not very picky about its environment. This type of ant does not need a wooded environment in order to thrive, but tend to stick to hard surfaces. Pavement ants can usually be found around sidewalks, driveways, and walkways but you can also find them inside your home. When ants begin to turn up in your space, call Toodaloo for your Vancouver pavement ant removal.

Addressing Pavement Ants

They might have a different preferred living space, but all in all, pavement ants are very similar to other ant types. Ants as a pest invade your kitchens and cupboards, drag germs along with them and give your property an unwelcoming and unsanitary look. You might try to squish these ants as they crawl across the counter or lay traps around high traffic areas but these won’t handle full populations. In addition to impacting the interior of your space, large ant populations can lead to damage outdoors. Pavement ants are burrowers. You might have noticed small mounds built up in the cracks or seams of sidewalks. This might be where the ants are most visible but they are always working underneath the surface. As pavement ants dislodge the ground underneath hard surfaces, it can lead to shifting, cracking and repairs. When you spot ants around your property, call Toodaloo for your Vancouver pavement ant control.

Vancouver Pavement Ant Removal : How We Work

In order to clear ants out of every last crawlspace and opening, you have to know where to look. This sounds easy enough on the surface, but ants are tiny, tough and tend to stick together. Satellite colonies are constructed under flooring or behind walls, so it is nearly impossible to track them down without the right tools for the job. Over the years, Toodaloo technicians have perfected the art of Vancouver pavement ant control. By using top of the line speciality tools to track satellite colonies, our Toodaloo technicians can kick ants out of every crack and crevice.

Send those ants marching out with our Vancouver pavement ant removal. Call today to book an appointment and have your property as good as new in no time at all.

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