Vancouver Silverfish Removal

Canada’s west coast is a great place for people to live, but it is also an ideal spot for silverfish. With high humidity levels and a long rainy season, these pests make themselves right at home in properties all over British Columbia. Silverfish are some of the most common household pests around, but that doesn’t mean that you are stuck with them. Call Toodaloo for a safe and effective treatment of Vancouver silverfish removal.

Silverfish Set-Backs

Creating an inviting home or workspace takes work, but pests don’t appreciate your efforts. Once silverfish make their way inside, they begin to eat through anything and everything that they can. Silverfish are nocturnal, dark in colour and very quick. This makes catching, and even identifying silverfish, a real problem. In the time it takes to notice silverfish slithering across your floors, you might be dealing with hundreds behind the scenes. Paper, cardboard, cotton, and even some types of adhesives are all food options for these pests. It is this broad diet that make silverfish such destructive pests. Silverfish are so named because of their dark, silvery colour and the fact that they appear to slither across floors. These pests are nocturnal and these pests are quick. With all of these features combined together, silverfish are pretty tough rivals for property owners. Luckily, you do not have to go up against them alone. Our highly-trained Toodaloo technicians have spent years treating silverfish infestations. There is nowhere that these pests can hide from our pest removal experts.

Your Vancouver Silverfish Removal

Treating silverfish is not an easy task. These pests slither through the shadows around your property, tracking down meals and leaving eggs in difficult to reach places. Even the thinnest of areas can house silverfish eggs. Spacing in between floorboards, baseboards and even door frames can be full of these pesky silverfish. More so than just treating affected areas for adult silverfish, our Vancouver silverfish control treats and vacuums up eggs as well. There is no point in removing adult silverfish populations, only to have them replaced with a new batch within a matter of days. When you want results that last, all you have to do is call Toodaloo for your Vancouver silverfish removal.

Call today to book an appointment for your Vancouver silverfish control. When these pests prove too quick to catch, let a Toodaloo technicians handle your infestation.

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