Vancouver Pigeon Removal

In such a populated area as Vancouver, pigeons are an honorary part of the scenery. These birds are experts at securing meals, and are not afraid to perch themselves and wait for the opportunity to present itself. During this time, pigeons create a racket as well as a major mess. If your property is being pummelled by pigeons, call a Toodaloo technician for your Vancouver pigeon removal.

Problematic Pigeon Populations

When it comes to pigeons, where there is one, there are always more! High-traffic areas are a major attractant for these birds. Pigeons are resourceful but they also need a bit of a rest. It is not uncommon for pigeons to choose sheltered outdoor areas as rest stops. Open patios, storefronts with awnings and even balconies can attract pigeons. Once they find a spot that they like, pigeons will continue to return to it. This means that the exterior of your property is more pigeon-friendly than it is human-friendly. Unlike some other birds, pigeon droppings are more than just ugly! Droppings left by pigeons are highly acidic; so much so that they can damage surface areas of spaces, like finishes, paints or other materials. Avoid the damage caused by sitting droppings, the noise caused by excessive cooing and the germs that birds leave behind – all with one phone call! Our Vancouver pigeon removal is always available to send these birds back to nature and help you keep your property looking great.

Vancouver Pigeon Removal: Options For Everyone

Shooing away pigeons might work for a moment but it does not take them long to come back. Once a pigeon gets comfortable on or around your property, they are too stubborn to leave. Instead of taking extreme or harmful measures to get rid of your pigeon problem, Toodaloo uses humane, non-lethal deterrents to keep them away. Our Vancouver pigeon control provides options for a pigeon-free environment, that don’t harm these birds. By partnering with Bird-B-Gone, spikes, audio deterrents, electric pulses and netting are all options to keeping these pests away.

Call today to speak with one of our experienced Toodaloo technicians about your Vancouver pigeon removal.

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