Mission Carpenter Ant Control

Carpenter ants thrive in natural environments but they are not opposed to sneaking indoors either. With their small size and broad diet on their side, these ants find their way into properties and begin to take over. Don’t let these pests take over your space when Toodaloo can lend a hand. Our Mission carpenter ant control can get rid of ants today, tomorrow and down the road!

The Anatomy of a Colony

Insect populations thrive during summer months, but carpenter ants are not a patient bunch. In times of rainfall and humidity, these pests are at their most productive – even if you aren’t! As early as March, these ants begin to work on parent colonies. These colonies are located outside, usually in wooded or natural areas. Despite their small size, there are only so many ants that can fit into a colony. When resources become tight or quarters become crowded, it is time to take flight and to find a new place to call home. When satellite colonies are formed around your property, they can lead to big trouble. Carpenter ants gnaw through wooden materials in order to travel and build their living space. Unlike termites, carpenter ants do no eat the wood, but simply chew and discard it. This is a whole lot of destruction for a no-good reason! If you have noticed either black (Modoc) or red (Vicinus) ants creeping across your counters, call Toodaloo for your Mission carpenter ant control.

Mission Carpenter Ant Control: Techniques That Work

Once these carpenter ants are inside, they begin to transfer their populations over. This means that you are dealing with ants of all types and stages. Getting rid of adult ants does not keep populations under control for very long. You can’t get rid of these pests with a dusting, so you might as well call the pros. Our Toodaloo technicians can practically see behind walls with the use of all the latest pest removal technology. Imagining tools and injection guns help our pest experts identify high traffic areas directly.

When you are ready for prompt and effective pest solutions, call Toodaloo for your Mission carpenter ant control.

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