Mission Flea Removal

Fleas are not an all too common pest across every part of Canada but Mission sees a lot of them. In colder climates, flea populations snap off during winter months while more mild seasons allow these pests to thrive for much of the year. This just means that you have that much more time to pick up one of these pesky pests. Something as simple as a walk or taking out the trash can lead to a flea infestation. When you catch a glimpse of these insects or are noticing red and itchy bites, call Toodaloo! A proper Mission flea removal takes the sting out of your infestation and gets rid of those bugs!

Tracking Down Fleas

The smaller the pest, the harder they are to track. This has never been more true than it is of fleas. Out in the wild, fleas can be just about invisible but tracking them down indoors is not any easier. Fleas spread their hard to detect eggs around, letting them become tucked away in hard to reach areas. Instead of letting these pests slip below the radar, trust our Toodaloo technicians to be thorough when treating your infestation. By taking care to treat structural gaps as well as furnishings and fabric, there will be no flea left behind from your Mission flea removal.

Your Mission Flea Removal

In order to keep our communities clean and running smoothly, Toodaloo technicians offer their services to all property types. By finding way to accommodate residential, strata and commercial properties, Toodaloo is working toward a flea-free Mission. In addition to matching your type of property, our technicians are local to your area, making for prompt service. Just because fleas have snuck into your home does not mean that they get to stay there! Call Toodaloo for your Mission flea removal and show these pests the door!

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