Mission Rat Removal

When rats make the jump inside your home (and sometimes it really is a jump!), it is easy for them to go unnoticed. It is often a quick flash here or something out of the corner of your eye, there. These rodents are quick, destructive and downright dirty. Don’t let rats rampage around your home or buisness! A proper Mission rat removal can eliminate the threat of rat-induced property damage and contamination.

Rats: A Global Issue

Rats infestations are an issue all over the world. These rodents are masters of taking advantage of their surroundings. They might be able to survive out in the wild, but life is lush when rats make it indoors! There are more than a few issues that come along with rats, some are to your health, some to your property and others to your pantry! When rats enter your property, they bring harmful bacteria in alongside them. In addition to germs, rats can also be carrying fleas, dropping them around your space as they go. These pests breed quickly, so one rat quickly turns into dozens. Once an infestation is in full swing, rats are known to chew and tear through materials around your home. Rats tear up insulation, chew on walls and furnishings, and can even sink their teeth into pipes and electrical wiring. This means that you are at risk of both electrical fires and floods all at the same time.

Your Mission Rat Removal

Getting rid of rats is a complicated process. You cannot just put down a trap and expect to get rid of your infestation. Getting rid of rats means dealing with the ones you have now, as well as preventing new ones from creeping inside. Sealing up possible entry points is an obvious task but finding them can be tricky. After years of experience in the pest industry, our Toodaloo technicians know just where to find these rodents. With the expertise, knowledge and dedication of our Toodaloo technicians, a proper Mission rat removal is right around the corner!

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