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March 26, 2020

Mission Mouse Removal

Mouse removal isn’t fun, but it is necessary. Mice are a menace for homeowners, both in property damage and in health hazards. Your parents might have relied on snap traps or poisons to keep rodent numbers down but pest control has come a long way. Tracking down nests, treating high traffic areas and eliminating entry points are all part of the Toodaloo treatment method. Don’t settle for temporary relief from rodents when a specialist is right around the corner.
Mission Mouse Removal


Identify The Pest

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When mice make their way inside your home or property, they leave more behind than tiny paw prints. Mice are known to lead to respiratory and intestinal illness as well as hazards to your property. Electrical fires, flooding and food contamination are all side effects of mice scurrying around your space.

The Damage Caused By Mice

It is easy to take mice for granted. These rodents are small but they have an unparalleled work ethic. Mice are constantly working toward a warm bed, a consistent water source and an all you can eat buffet! Out in the wild, this can take a mighty long time to build but heading indoors makes life so much easier for mice. When these pests enter in to your property, they have access to all the same resources that you do. Like many other animals, mice rarely travel alone. Even if a single female mouse enters your property, you will be dealing with dozens within a very short period. These mice need both food and water to survive and will go about finding it however they can. This means tearing through packaging and containers. Mice are also known to gnaw on drywall, tear insulation and chew through wiring. Don’t let pests put your property at risk.

Proper Mission Mouse Removal

A proper Mission mouse removal gets rid of mice but it also seeks out how the mice got inside in the first place. There is no point in clearing away a nest, only to have a new wave of rodents step in to rebuild. Instead of performing one treatment and making our exit, the Toodaloo team keeps in contact for necessary aftercare procedures as well. In addition to performing well rounded Mission mouse removal, our services come equipped with optional information seminars. If you want to know how to kick these mice to the curb and keep them out, our Mission mouse removal has all the info you need!

When you need help getting rid of mice, all you need to do is call Toodaloo.



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