Mission Silverfish Removal

Fishing might be a beloved pass-time but finding a silverfish is anything but relaxing! They might share a name, but silverfish are much different than those you find swimming through lakes. Silverfish are small, slithering and destructive pests that you do not want crowding your property. Call for your Mission silverfish removal at the first sign of antenna, tail or body!

What Makes Silverfish A Threat?

The main concern when it comes to silverfish is their diet. These pests track down a place to call home and then begin to eat and eat and eat! These pests thrive in damp areas, so you can expect to find them around bathrooms and other humid areas. Just because silverfish prefer a moist environment does not mean that they stay there. In fact, silverfish can travel nearly 9 metres in search of a new food source. Kitchen crumbs and scraps are a key component of a silverfish diet, but they do not stop there. Silverfish are ready to consume just about any natural substance that they can get at. This means organic textiles, natural adhesives and even paper are on the menu. Even a small number of silverfish can do a great amount of damage in a small period of time.

Mission Silverfish Removal: Expert Results Every Time

In order to kick silverfish out of your property, you need to know where to track them down. If you are waiting to see one of these creepy crawlers slither on by, you will be waiting a long while! Silverfish are nocturnal, darkly coloured and quick, making them nearly impossible to spot. Adult silverfish are tear-shaped with tails and antennae but adolescent silverfish do not look like much more than a black speck. It is easy to walk passed dozens at a time without ever noticing. Tracking down and removing these pests means treating your infestation at every stage of the lifecycle. By understanding the areas that silverfish stick to as well as where they lay their eggs, our Toodaloo technicians provide full service pest removal.

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