Mission Pigeon Removal

Traditional pest control methods can cover intruders at the ground level but tackling winged-intruders is much more difficult. Pigeons can enter into properties but they don’t always make it inside. There isn’t really anything that can be done about where pigeons perch – until recently that is! The pest control industry is teeming with options for bird-based bothers, so call Toodaloo to find out which one suits you best.

What Comes Along With Pigeons

When pigeons choose a place to call home, you will be hard pressed to get rid of them. Pigeons nest near food sources and will just keep coming back until you find a way to kick them out. In addition to seeing these pigeons, perched around your property, you will likely see the droppings that come along with them. Birds have terrible bathroom habits in general, but those of a pigeon are worse than others. Pigeons droppings are highly acidic and even corrosive when left against the surfaces of your property. Leaving these droppings can lead to unnecessary damage but keeping on top of them can be impossible. Property owners in Mission take pride in their homes and businesses, so you don’t want them covered in droppings! Don’t let a pigeon decide on the impression that your property makes! Let our Mission pigeon removal take care of these pests, so you can have a clear and welcoming space.

Options For Your Mission Pigeon Removal

Many property owners want to keep birds away from their property but they do not want to harm them in the process. While some companies take drastic measures in order to maintain a pigeon-free environment, Toodaloo has a line of humane options instead. Items such as surface spikes, for example, prevent pigeons from perching. Audio and visual deterrents, as well as electrical currents can be used to make your patio, balcony, roof, or garage, less pigeon friendly.

The Mission pigeon removal services at Toodaloo are available for residential, commercial and multi-unit properties. There is never a reason not to call Toodaloo and to give those birds the boot!

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