Mission Pavement Ant Control

The trouble with ants comes in many different forms. Each type of ant brings on different challenges. Carpenter ants, for example chew through wood, damaging materials while pavement ants host problems outdoors. These pests are experts at dislodging, manoeuvring and tracking down meals. When you begin to notice ants sneaking around surfaces, call Toodaloo for your Mission pavement ant control.

What to Expect From Pavement Ants

Much like other ants, pavement ant infestations begin outdoors. The most common place to spot these pests is the meeting place between hedged grass and concrete. This makes areas around sidewalks, driveways and paving stones ideal for these ants. If ants have come to enjoy the area around your space, damage is prone to follow. Because of their like for tunnelling, a colony of pavement ants can have dozens of systems running right underneath your feet. The more dirt is dislodged to make these insect freeways, the less sound the structure of your property. When areas become uneven, materials can sink or crack, requiring repairs or replacements. Shifting areas can also lead to health hazards around your property. Slips, falls, and broken bones are all a result of cracked or uneven areas. Instead of worrying about your concrete structures or your footing, call Toodaloo for your Mission pavement ant removal.

Results For Your Mission Pavement Ant Control

Once they begin collecting around the outside of your property. it is only a matter of time until they creep through your door. Pavement ants might cause a lot of damage to your property outdoors but inside they are most dangerous due to cross-contamination. All six legs of these pests carry around bacteria, making deposits as they go. Because ants are most attracted to areas where they can find food, this makes your cooking surfaces prime targets for ant traffic. With expert tools and training, our technicians can track ant traffic throughout even the most difficult to reach areas of your property.

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