Thunder Bay Cockroach Control & Removal

Cockroaches might be a stereotype for haunted houses and crumbling roadside motels, but despite what you see in movies, roaches are no joke. These pests are survivalists, tough and all around dirty. When you need to get rid of these pests and restore your home or business to a clean and welcoming space, call Toodaloo for your Thunder Bay cockroach control and removal.

Runaway Roaches

Cockroach infestations can go on for long periods without notice. If you are wondering why that is, the answer is simple: They are fast and they are sneaky. Cockroaches can often be found crowding dark corners, occupying crawlspaces, attics, basements, the far side of appliances, and just about anywhere else that you can think of. These pests are also big fans of damp, darkness and 20 square meals a day. That being said, you are likely to find these pests in sensitive places like your kitchen or bathroom.

Sharing a kitchen with cockroaches is crowded can very unhealthy for you. Cockroaches spend their days crawling across sidewalks and garbage heaps so it is no wonder that they bring a lot of bacteria to the table. When these pests are sharing in your space, they leave urine, droppings and even saliva behind. This is bad news for you! Contact with these materials can lead to digestive sickness, respiratory issues, and, in dire cases, even sepsis.

thunder bay cockroach removal

Thunder Bay Cockroach Control & Removal: Pushing Out Pests

Taking a boot to a rogue roach once in a while is not enough to beat back roach populations. When used incorrectly, baits and poisons aren’t much help either! Cockroaches are a world-wide problem because they are so versatile. These critters can survive on nearly anything, including crumbs, proteins, other roaches and even human hair and nails. When you are having a hard time getting rid of these unwelcome visitors, call Toodaloo to give you a hand. A proper Thunder Bay cockroach removal is only one phone call away. Don’t live with these pests any longer than you have to.

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