Thunder Bay Pigeon Control & Removal

Pigeons are known as the ‘rats of the sky’ and it is no wonder why. These birds carry disease, leave droppings and can ruin the atmosphere of any business or residential space. One pigeon can cause a lot of damage around your space but a group of them can be downright dangerous! When you are ready to get rid of these unwanted guests, call Toodaloo for our Thunder Bay pigeon control and removal.

Clipping Wings Without Clipping Wings

As a pest, pigeons – and birds in general – are extremely difficult to get rid of. Instead of sealing up openings or laying down traps, there is no way to prevent pigeons from roosting on your roof, garage, or even on your balcony – without professional help, that is. When pigeons are around, they are hard to ignore. Pigeons are often loud, parking themselves all around (and sometimes even in) your space and begin cooing. These birds have no sense of timing! Pigeons don’t mind keeping you awake at all hours of the day or night. Noise levels are not, however, all that you need to worry about when pigeons are around. Despite having wings, pigeons spend a lot of their time walking the streets. Pigeons are always cruising for meals and often finding it in dumpsters or trash cans. These birds are not keen on hygiene and that leaves them to carry bacteria around with them, and leaving it across your property.

thunder bay pigeon removal

In addition to bacteria and noise, pigeons bring something else along with them and that – is droppings. No one wants to walk out to their car in the morning to find it bird droppings and not just for the visuals. Pigeon droppings are so acidic that they have crossed the border into corrosive. This means that the longer droppings are left to sit on surfaces, the more damage that they cause.

Thunder Bay Pigeon Control & Removal: How To Keep These Pests Away

When shooing pigeons away just is not cutting it anymore, you might have to take more drastic measures around your home or business. The best way to prevent the side effects of a pigeon invasion is to get rid of the birds themselves, and our Toodaloo technicians know just how to keep them away. With the help of Bird-B-Gone, our Toodaloo technicians can outfit your property with spikes and deterrents to keep pigeons from roosting in the first place.

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