Thunder Bay Silverfish Control & Removal

There are plenty of pests roaming around the Thunder Bay area, but few are as sneaky as the silverfish. These pests are quick, camouflaged and difficult to spot. If you do happen to spot one of these slithery critters running around, don’t hesitate to call Toodaloo. Our highly-trained Toodaloo technicians are fully prepared to handle your Thunder Bay silverfish control and removal.

Slithering Through Your Space

Silverfish are not picky about where they set up shop. It could be any home or business as long as there is high humidity and a good deal of damp. When humidity in an area reaches over 70%, there is a good chance that you will be facing off against silverfish. These insects earned their name due to the blue-silver sheen of their bodies. Silverfish thrive in damp areas, so they can more than likely be found around bathrooms, kitchen cabinets, basements and crawlspaces. These pests thrive in the darkness, so it is unlikely that you will come face to face with a silverfish during the daylight – and even more unlikely that you will catch one! If the word ‘fish’ within the name seems unusual, it all comes down to how they move! Silverfish give off the impression that they are swimming, as they move by slithering their bodies from side to side. These pests can also squeeze into even the tightest of spaces which can make them hard to get rid of – until you call Toodaloo!

thunder bay silverfish removal

Thunder Bay Silverfish Control & Removal: Tracking Silverfish

It is not all too difficult to track silverfish populations to a general area, but kicking them out can be tough. These pests can squeeze into even the thinnest of openings and cracks. This means that every baseboard and flooring seam can become ‘home sweet home’. Even when these pests do set up camp, they are not afraid to travel to find a meal. Silverfish have been know to travel up to 9 meters in order to find a meal. This creates a large area to treat in order to beat these pests. This makes it nearly impossible to eradicate silverfish populations all on your own. Luckily, our Toodaloo technicians are here to help. By treating the obvious the obvious, as well as affected areas, we can stop silverfish from turning your home into a playground.

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