Thunder Bay Rat Control & Removal

All over Canada, rats are seen as enemies. Our Toodaloo technicians are here to tell you that these rodents are villains – as long as they stay outside! Rats are a part of nature but when in contact with humans, they become destructive carriers of disease. When you want to keep your property clean and, in one piece, call Toodaloo for your Thunder Bay rat control and removal.

Rats: A Historial Problem

Throughout history, rats have been a major problem for humans – and they are one that just won’t go away. Medicine has eradicated rat-related problems like the plague but it is tough keeping these pests out of your space. In addition to carrying around dangerous bacteria, rats are destructive animals. Rats are known to tunnel. While underground, they chew, claw and gnaw their way through cinderblocks, wood and metal. The longer that these rodents are allowed to thrive on your property, the most damage they cause. This means larger repair bills and the greater the risk to your health. You work too hard to keep your property in good condition, only to have it destroyed by unwelcome rodents. When you hear the scurry of paws or notice gnaw marks on your door frames, don’t hesitate to call Toodaloo for your Thunder Bay rat removal.

thunder bay rat removal

Thunder Bay Rat Control & Removal: A Long-Term Solution

Drastic measures such as poison or messy traps might work in the short term but not for long. In fact, these “solutions” might cause you more harm than good. Simple snap traps are easy to set off on their own, catching toes and fingers of guests or customers. No one is going to be eager to return to your home or business after they receive a pinch and a bruise. Poisons, on the other hand produce a dangerous element to your space, and can result in dead rats landing behind your walls or in attics or crawlspaces. These simple solutions might work temporarily but it does not take long for populations to grow again.

In order to prevent rats from reentering your space, our Toodaloo technicians work with you to kick those rats out, and identify problem areas for entry. By tracking down and blocking up potential entrances, our Thunder Bay rat removal gets rid of your problem and helps to keep it gone!

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