Thunder Bay Flea Control & Removal

The only thing that Fleas and Fun have in common, is that they begin with ‘F’. Fleas are biting, scratching, invasive monsters and just one of them is enough to drive you crazy! Fleas, however, are known to travel in groups! Whether you need to get rid of one flea or one hundred, we’ll get rid of them for you. In order to keep your skin clear and your blood to yourself, call Toodaloo for our Thunder Bay flea control and removal.

Thunder Bay Flea Control & Removal: Biting Back

The most common instances of flea infestation are pet-related but it isn’t always! Fleas might be small but they are also sneaky and determined. There is very little that can stand between a flea and its next meal. Unfortunately, these pests feed on your blood. Fleas might have a tendency to end up in home or workplaces in the Thunder Bay area, but that is not necessarily their intention. Fleas will often attach themselves to any long-haired host that passes their way, which might include rodents and small animals. Having a friendly squirrel running around or a racoon that might tip over your trash may be a bit of an annoyance but if they leave fleas behind, that is a big headache. If one of these pests has been dropped off at your doorstep, fight back with our Thunder Bay flea removal.

thunder bay flea removal

Managing Fleas

The biggest issue that property owners face when dealing with fleas (aside from the biting of course) is that what you see is not necessarily what you get. Full sized adult fleas only account for about half of the overall population. This means thats the other 50% are hiding in plain sight, occupying fabrics and cracks in flooring or on baseboards. An efficient Thunder Bay flea removal covers not only the fleas that you can see but the ones you can’t as well. By treating the obviously affected areas as well as the surrounding ones, our Toodaloo technicians bring our clients the best results, every time.

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