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March 26, 2020

Victoria Bed Bug Control & Removal

Victoria Bed Bug Control & Removal

Everyone knows bed bugs are bad news - but they are even worse than you think! These bloodsuckers are masters of the hostile takeover and are taking bites out of property owners all over Canada. This brand of bug is stubborn and notoriously hard to get rid of. When hardware store insecticides can’t get the job done, property owners need to think outside the box. Keep these stubborn pests at bay and protect your home or business with professional pest control.
Victoria Bed Bug Control & Removal


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There is never a bad time to visit Vancouver Island. From gorgeous snow scenes, to beaches, there is something for everyone – including bed bugs. High traffic areas and a thriving tourism industry makes the greater Victoria area an ideal space for hitchhiking pests to thrive – but our Toodaloo technicians can put a stop to your infestation.

Professional Victoria bed bug removal services provide clients with great results and peace of mind! Whether you are looking to treat an unattached home, commercial space or multi-unit area, there is no space that our experienced technicians can’t handle. When you are ready to get rid of bed bugs, trust local pest control services in your area.

Understanding Your Bed Bug Problem

Instances of bed bug infestation have shot up, all around the world. With constant travel and close proximity to others, it is no wonder that insects are finding new ways to grow their numbers and take over areas. The city of Victoria has over 400 registered infestations – and that makes life difficult for property owners.

When it comes to killing bed bugs, most people focus on a mattress or box spring and little else. The truth is that these unwelcome guests can hide out just about anywhere and in any property type. Soft surfaces and linens, like carpeting and furniture can house hundreds of bugs throughout hotels, homes, restaurants, movie theatres and even on planes.

Once inside, insects begin to grow their numbers, spreading out across properties. Bed bugs hide out in cracks and crevices but also along seams of couches, bedding, luggage, purses and anything soft. This spread makes it almost impossible to track and treat full populations – unless you are a professional that is!

Bed Bug Control: Seeking Professional Treatment

It is easy enough to panic when confronted with a potential infestation. Catching sight of one bug might send you into a frenzy and it should. Try as you might to wash clothes in hot water or scrub down soft surfaces, this is not enough to get the right results that you need.

There are plenty of pest control companies that promise the best results for your bed bug extermination but are unable to follow through. Instead of struggling with dragged out traditional treatment methods, Toodaloo crews have developed their own methods to ensure the best results in the best timeframe for our clients.

Instead of relying on harsh chemicals, our pest control experts offer non-chemical bed bug treatments as well. Steam and high heat treatments mean creating an uncomfortable environment for pests, ditching populations and keeping residents safe from uncomfortable bites.

The Toodaloo Technique

No matter the severity of your infestation or your property type, proper bed bug inspections are key to both treatment and prevention. Toodaloo crews are equipped with state of the art equipment, designed to fit our multi-step approach.

Everyone would love a “quick fix” for their infestation but this isn’t always possible. In order to treat current populations and prevent bed bugs from coming back, it is important to be thorough and that takes time. Both chemical and non-chemical treatments are carried out in two staggered steps.

By separating the two steps our technicians are assured to remove not only the adult, reddish brown bed bugs that are visible but the whitish adolescent bed bugs and eggs as well. A job done quickly is usually not done properly and we want to guarantee that our clients get the best possible service. What better way to prove that then to provide a full warranty option to all of our customers.


Our Toodaloo technicians are fully trained in various methods of pest removal and extermination, capable of handling any job, of any size, professionally and efficiently. Unlike some other pest control companies our removal solutions are environmentally friendly so you know that there are no harmful chemicals being sprayed throughout your home.

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