Victoria Bed Bug Control & Removal

The city of Victoria has over 400 registered accounts of bed bug infestations. These range from single dwelling residential homes to some of the cities most well-known hotels and restaurants. Therefore, no where is safe from the threat of bed bugs. When residents need pest control, they call in Toodaloo for our Victoria bed bug control and removal, so why don’t you?!

Infestations might send a shiver up your spine,  but bed bugs are especially disliked throughout Canada. They drink blood, cause skin irritations and are extremely difficult to get rid of. Like many other types of insects, bed bugs are hitchhikers. They gain entry into your home or business by attaching themselves to clothing, and other textiles. This allows you to unknowingly carry them inside.

Victoria Bed Bug Removal: Caring In Your Community

There are pest control companies that promise results but are unable to follow through. Toodaloo has our own methods to ensure that our services are the only ones you need for your Victoria bed bug removal.  Our Toodaloo technicians are equipped with state of the art equipment and perform our 2-step solutions through two staggered steps of both chemical and non-chemical treatments, carried out over a 10-14 day period. ‘Why does my Victoria bed bug control and removal take almost two weeks?”, you might ask. Rome wasn’t built in a day and bed bugs can’t be beat in one either!

By separating the two steps our technicians remove not only the adult, reddish brown bed bugs that are visible but the whitish adolescent bed bugs and eggs as well. A job done quickly is usually not done properly and we want to guarantee our clients get the best possible service. What better way to prove that then to provide a full warranty option to all of our customers.

Call today to speak with a Toodaloo representative and get the bugs out – guaranteed!

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