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As the calendar pages tick off, Canadians find themselves in summer months and the middle of wasp season. These pests wait for the opportune time to come out in force. They can ruining days out and chase parties back inside. However, our Toodaloo technicians are here to save the day with our Victoria wasp control and removal.

Most Canadians don’t bother learning the habits of wasps in their area. It is important to know your enemy, so their summer habits don’t come as a shock. Although this is the time you are most likely to encounter a wasp infestation, these pests are active throughout the year as well. As we enter the spring months, wasps are busy building their nests, loading up on protein and are too busy to bother with humans. However, just because they are not visible, doesn’t mean they aren’t hard at work causing problems for you.

Victoria Wasp Removal: Removing Resilient Pests

If wasps know anything, it is how to stay alive and they do so by building sturdy homes that are hidden away or out of reach from destruction. They will build these paper-esque nests in trees and around the peaks of homes where they are too high to be an issue for predators. The longer these nests are in use, the more wasps breed and spread their populations around your property.

When you find the first signs of wasps in your home, call Toodaloo pest and wildlife services. Let us get the ball rolling on your Victoria wasp removal. When you enlist our Toodaloo technicians, you are enlisting twenty years of experience, an unrivalled work ethic and the added bonus of guaranteed safety. All of our staff and services are completely insured. Our Victoria wasp removal is all reward and no risk, what could be better?

Call today to book an appointment for your Victoria wasp control and removal.

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