Victoria Pavement Ant Control & Removal

Pavement ants are a huge problem throughout Canada. These pests use their many legs to move through your home, unbeknownst to you. The good news?  You need not fear these creepy crawlers any longer! Toodaloo Pest Control is here to help with your Victoria pavement ant control and removal.

What makes a pavement ant, a pavement ant? Ants are just a part of life in Canada. You can see them around picnic areas, roaming the grass and even scurrying along sidewalks. Look no further than these concrete canvases to find pavement ants. These ants populations make their homes around sidewalks, driveways, paving stones and even around the base of your homes’ foundation.

Victoria Pavement Ant Removal: Searching Out Colonies

When populations in outdoor colonies grow too large to support themselves, ants move inside. That is when it is time to call Toodaloo Pest Control. In the same way that humans do it, ants will go out and find a better place to live, and then pack up their children (or in this case larvae) and move on in. Larvae and pupae are carried in and grow along side the adult ants and queen that make up their new satellite colonies.

When numbers are low, you might be able to go long periods of time without noticing that you have a problem at all but as populations grow, they demand more resources and have to become more obvious when it comes to collecting it. It does not take a visual run-in for our Toodaloo technicians to find and identify the satellite colonies that live behind walls and under flooring. No, we do not have x-ray vision, but we might as well! Our state of the art equipment includes injection rods and thermal imaging to help us get an idea of all the unseen pests in your commercial or residential property.

Don’t waste time calling Toodaloo pest and wildlife services and getting started on your Victoria pavement ant control and removal.

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