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March 26, 2020

Victoria Mouse Control & Removal

Victoria Mouse Control & Removal

Mouse removal isn’t fun, but it is necessary. Mice are a menace for homeowners, both in property damage and in health hazards. Your parents might have relied on snap traps or poisons to keep rodent numbers down but pest control has come a long way. Tracking down nests, treating high traffic areas and eliminating entry points are all part of the Toodaloo treatment method. Don’t settle for temporary relief from rodents when a specialist is right around the corner.
Victoria Mouse Control & Removal


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Far from the type of wildlife that you might find on a hike around Victoria B.C., mice and rats prefer the comfort of an urban environment. This might be a pain for property owners, but can you really blame these rodents? A rodent infestation can mean health hazards and property damage, but our Toodaloo technicians can help!

Professional Victoria mouse control services can help manage and eliminate pest problems in homes, commercial spaces and multi-unit or strata properties. Humane removal, eco-friendly treatment options and local services mean access to the best in results, after-care and customer service, all right within your community.

Victoria Mouse Removal: What to Know About Mice Infestations

Rats and mice might seem similar from an outside perspective but they are entirely different animals. When you want to get rid of mice, it is important to look at their unique needs and habits. Like any pest, a mouse is always on the hunt for its next meal. Story books might make a hungry mouse an adorable character but the reality can be scary!

One of the reasons it is so important to get rid of mice quickly is the fact that they are known to spread bacteria and disease everywhere they go. Terrible bathroom and hygiene habits mean mice leave droppings, saliva and urine behind. These are unsanitary to keep around but an improper cleaning technique can take these deposits from bad to worse.

Sweeping up mouse droppings can release dangerous airborne materials into the air, leading to respiratory disease and hantavirus. Other signs of mice might include gnaw marks on wood, shredded soft materials like blankets or insulation, scratching sounds or torn food packages. Instead of taking a risk on your health and wellness, call a pest control expert for rodent control needs.

Getting Rid of a Mouse Infestation

When creepy pests like bed bugs begin to crawl onto the scene around your home or workplace, owners are quick to call in professional help. Mouse and rat control are not given the same quick action. In any hardware or department store there is usually an aisle dedicated to mouse extermination, but these outdated tactics often do more harm than good.

Physical methods, like mouse traps are ineffective and they are messy. A single trap might catch a single mouse but these pests don’t often travel alone. Another common rodent control tool is poison – which is dangerous, messy and inhumane. After a pest ingests poison, there is no telling where it will turn up. If a mouse dies behind a wall, it means a lot of damage just to reach and remove it.

When you want the best results for your pest removal services, you need a multi-step approach. Instead of only dealing with the rodents that you have, it is important to look to prevention and the future. By tracking down entry points, isolating problem areas and removing attractants, professional pest removal services can help get rid of mice and keep them away!

Victoria Mouse Control: The Toodaloo Technique

Mice are persistent, sneaky and don’t know when to quit – but neither do our technicians! At Toodaloo, our team of highly-trained experts offer up humane approaches to track down high-traffic areas, nests and to remove mice carefully and effectively.

With access to resources, a female mouse can have up to 40 babies per year – so imagine what a group of them can do! Finding entry points are a key part of getting rid of infestations. Mice are small and can fit through areas the size of a dime and this means entry points can be anything from an opened door to an air conditioning vent, to a foundation crack or chimney.

Calling local service means having access to top of the line tools and training, keeping properties pest-free, in a timely manner. The longer that pests are allowed to hang around, the worse your infestation becomes, so call the experts that live right around the corner. With all the best in access, customer service and after-care, Toodaloo is the first and only call that you need to make!



Our Toodaloo technicians are fully trained in various methods of pest removal and extermination, capable of handling any job, of any size, professionally and efficiently. Unlike some other pest control companies our removal solutions are environmentally friendly so you know that there are no harmful chemicals being sprayed throughout your home.

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