Victoria Mouse Control & Removal

Far from the regular pack animals you can expect to find in the B.C wilderness, mice prefer to be comfortable! This usually means in an urban environment. We can’t fault them, afterall, who wouldn’t want a cozy two bedroom on the island? When these rodents come around to your home or business – call Toodaloo for your Victoria mouse control and removal.

Mice are persistent, sneaky and can fit through a hole the size of a nickel. Mice hide everywhere, even in plain sight. Upon first sight mice are not particularly scary. They are small and fur-clad, with tiny paws but once these small features go to work they can create larger than life problems.

Mice may enter the home as single or few but soon enough these small numbers boom. Mice breed quickly and in great numbers. When they have access to a full range of resources, a female mouse can have as many as 40 babies per year – and that is just one female mouse! If even a quarter of these babies are female, well you are looking at 400 mice running around your home or business!

Victoria Mouse Removal: Smart Removal In Your Space

Knowing your enemy and treating the infestation at hand is your best bet at getting ahead of the problem. Mice may be quick and hard to spot but they do leave tell-tale signs as to their presence. Small black droppings are one of the most obvious and recognizable signs, not to be outdone by the chew marks that they leave behind on the surfaces around your property.

Canadians can spend all their lives growing and perfecting their homes, so don’t let mice ruin it for you! All of our technicians are local to your area and want to make sure that you get the best possible results, in the best possible time frame. Your business is important to us and that’s why our technicians and practices are opened books. Ask us anything! Our Toodaloo technicians are waiting to answer any questions you may have about your Victoria mouse control removal.


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