Victoria Pigeon Control & Removal

Victoria is known around the world for its beautiful scenery, popular beaches and, to some, the home of ‘mile zero’. Lesser known is the pain residents and tourists experience at the hands, or wings, of pigeons. Pigeons are intrusive, destructive and all-around gross with some of their habits. That is why Toodaloo wants to take the sting out of your infestation with our Victoria pigeon control and removal.

How do you solve a pigeon problem? It is a question that many Victoria residents have been asking themselves. There are many theories that come to mind but the only effective way to get rid of these birds is by calling in the pros. More often than not, property owners come out to greet these feathered-fiends,  with a hose. This just is probably not the best approach! These birds will just keep coming back. Removing any obvious food sources won’t get rid of them either, as they can find their meals just about anywhere.

Victoria Pigeon Removal: Protecting Your Property

Pigeons roost where they feel the most protection and unfortunately for property owners, this is usually in the peaks of residential spaces. Even better are balconies of condo and apartment buildings and sometimes even attics! Spraying, shouting and shooing do little to keep these pests away permanently. Toodaloo technicians have a sure-fire way to get these pigeons out of your space.

Pigeons have become such a menace that some large cities have taken to drastic measures in order to remove their pigeon problem but as much as our Toodaloo technicians understand the need to get them out – we still love animals in all forms! It is for this reason, that we practice non-lethal tactics for our Victoria pigeon control and removal services.

Call Toodaloo today to book an appointment for your pest removal or to get answers for any questions you may have regarding our techniques.

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