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March 26, 2020

Victoria Rat Control & Removal

Victoria Rat Control & Removal

Living with rats is bad for business, bad for your health and is downright unsanitary. These rodents roam streets, raid dumpsters and claw or chew their way through even the toughest materials. Every day that rats are hunkered down inside your home or commercial property is one day closer to costly repairs, health hazards and a potential fire. Rat removal is necessary to keep your home safe and running smoothly. Say goodbye to dangerous droppings, scratching sounds and gnaw marks with one call to Toodaloo.
Victoria Rat Control & Removal


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The island city of Victoria B.C. is known far and wide as a hub for arts, culture and events. While there is always a new attraction to visit, Vancouver Island’s biggest draw is its nature and landscapes. Everyone loves a hike but residents and property owners also have to deal with “urban wildlife” in the area and that means rats!

As city scopes expand, rodents are finding more and more reasons to quit the outdoor lifestyle and move on in! Not only are rats scary, they are unsanitary, cause structural damage and are known to spread diseases around with them. Instead of learning to live with unwelcome rodents, call Toodaloo for quick and effective Victoria rat removal services.

Diagnosing Your Pest Problem

Humans might be noisy but rats don’t seem to mind. Living next to people (especially in a highly populated area) means access to warm spaces, ample food sources and clean water. This sounds like a great situation for them but it does not work out so well for us. While a single pest might gnaw through food packages, a rat infestation is a hazard to your home and your health.

The most common types of rats throughout North America are Norway rats and roof rats. They might all look the same to us but these rodents have very different habits and with that, they need different methods of rat control.

Part of what makes for a successful rat removal is understanding exactly what we are dealing with. Norway rats tend to focus their attention on entry points near the ground level. Anything from an opened window or door to an air conditioning vent can be a revolving door for a rodent. Roof rats, on the other hand, can access properties from higher areas, like openings near roofs or chimneys.

What a Rodent Infestation Means For You

No one wants mice and rats creeping around their homes or workspaces but all through British Columbia, these pests just won’t take no for an answer. All it takes is one female rat to sneak inside and from here, populations tend to skyrocket. Nests are a comfortable place to spend time, particularly for babies and that means shredded materials like insulation.

Shredded insulation and linens are only the first stages of property damage. Rats are known to gnaw on wooden areas, chew through heavy items (even pipes) and burrow through materials as dense as concrete. This type of damage requires expensive replacements but the real problems occur in the kitchen!

Rodents never turn down a free meal. Running through kitchens means access to the most vulnerable areas around your property, prep spaces. One of the biggest rat problems is their bathroom habits. Rats tend to do their business on the go, so owners can expect droppings, urine and even saliva to be left behind, contaminating areas and spreading disease.

Victoria Rat Control: Getting Rid of Mice and Rats Painlessly

There are plenty of options for rodent control. When you want to get rid of rats, it is simple enough to visit a hardware store, collecting physical traps, baits or poisons. These might claim to be a viable rodent control method but these are often ineffective, inhumane and messy.

Our Toodaloo technicians are not your average rat exterminators. Highly trained experts take an environmentally-friendly approach to rodent removals in our community. Instead of simply managing the pest populations that you have now, our crews look to the future, tracking down potential entry points and sealing them up.

Across British Columbia, pest control companies are a dime a dozen but Toodaloo sets itself apart. Local care means prompt service, excellent results and access to after-care.



Our Toodaloo technicians are fully trained in various methods of pest removal and extermination, capable of handling any job, of any size, professionally and efficiently. Unlike some other pest control companies our removal solutions are environmentally friendly so you know that there are no harmful chemicals being sprayed throughout your home.

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