Victoria Carpenter Ant Control & Removal

Have you ever wondered where animals or insects get their names? Insect names act as descriptors. This is very apparent with the urban menace that is the carpenter ant.  These pests may sound like professionals but they bring nothing but problems. Thats why you need to call in our Victoria carpenter ant control and removal services.

If you have never heard of carpenter ants, don’t worry – you are not the only one! Every Canadian is familiar with ants in general but few take the time to learn the difference between the many species that share our environment. Carpenter ants are not the type to crash your family picnics or sporting events but are much more nefarious in their techniques. Instead of chasing after cakes and sodas, carpenter ants enter your home and head for the holy grail – your kitchen!

Victoria Carpenter Ant Removal

Carpenter ants live in large colonies usually around heavily wooded areas, stumps, fallen trees and even wood piles. They chew through wood and cellulose materials but they don’t ingest it. Instead of making meals out of the foundations of your property, these pests burrow through, making tunnels for themselves and clearing larger areas for their new colonies. Carpenter ants do not just make one colony per area but can have several in very close proximity to one another. This means that there are likely many nests spread all over your property.

Our Toodaloo technicians don’t quit until the job is done, whether that means removing one colony or ten colonies! With Toodaloo pest and wildlife services, you can guarantee that these colonies are cleared out.

Call today to book your Victoria carpenter ant control and removal.

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